Singer l Songwriter l Producer
Orlando, FL

THEBLKLBL presents the franchise – X1X

Once every decade or so, a musician enters the public conscience and shifts the paradigm. X1X is such an artist, transcending genre and the constraints of the mainstream.


X1X is an American singer, songwriter and producer from Orlando, FL, whose music fuses elements of rock, hip-hop and soul. With his powerful vocals and penetrating lyrics, this talented artist has been building a devoted following as a part of the Orlando music scene for years. His fan base reflects the diversity and range of his music, bringing together fans of numerous genres of music for a journey of sonic discovery.

XIX was officially introduced with the release of his 2008 debut project, The Speakeasy. This collection of 19 diverse tracks showcases his versatility with tracks such as the rock-influenced “Free”, the up-tempo “I’ve Arrived” and the heavy guitars of “Truth”. The evolution of XIX continued with the 2011 release of The Planet Gone – The EP. This seven-track project plays across an eclectic mixture of sounds with the soulful sound of “After Dark”, the thought-provoking “Fork in the Road” and the contemporary “Better Man”.

After years of local acclaim, XIX is now poised to take his transcendent, socially-relevant sound to an international audience.



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