1. Vibes (feat. J. Crux)1:28
  2. Clout Chasers (feat. Mullah The Messenger, Jay Da Ghost, J. Crux, Chu, Crucial Cash)3:23
  3. Fresh 2 Death (ft. Jamal Wallace)1:41
  4. OG (feat. EP, Lo-D, Mista Bright)2:01
  5. Hood Politics (feat. Pressure Dommer)2:13
  6. Waves (feat. Rudo Reid & Kalisan)2:32
  7. Melanin Queen (feat. The Rhymestress & Chamz)2:01
  8. Thinking Back (feat. Ciggie)1:55
  9. City Dreams (feat. Raysean Brown, Teddy Cloudz, Crucial Cash)2:38
  10. Reflections (feat. Crucial Cash & Chamz)3:11
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Midnight Sessions Vol 1

Release Date : June 4, 2021
Artist : X1X
Catalog ref. : THEBLKLBL-021-LP-017
Format : Digital Download

Out Da Blue is the rapper’s debut studio album. With powerful lyricism, storytelling and the fire of a battle rapper, this 12-track project introduces us to this amazing storyteller displaying a potent mixture of street knowledge and ruggedness.