The Label

We are a genre-defying record label and music collective focused on providing emerging and established artists with the support and counsel needed to perfect their craft and enhance their ability to build long-term sustainable careers. We work closely with our artists to conceptualize and execute comprehensive career road maps encompassing business strategy, marketing and promotion, sales and distribution, project development and creative ideation.

We are designed to allow our artists maintain ownership of their art and control of their careers, and are equally committed to their successes. We are advisors, strategists, investors and advocates. We believe that art is more than a collection of notes and melodies or brush strokes and pencil sketches. It is the language and images of our lives. We are committed to pursuing the ideal that art has the power to not only entertain but elevate, inspire and unite. Whether the medium is music, film or printed art, the impact is equally significant.

We are the evolution. We are furnishing the media of a post-millenial world. We are young, we are original and we are responsible. We do not restrict ourselves to specific genres, or any of the other labels, that have been used to separate us. We are uncompromising in our dedication to our audiences and our artists. Every note, line or image reflects our love and respect for the art. We are on a journey to the stratosphere and we invite you to join us.



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