Teddy Cloudz


World Music Artist l Songwriter l Producer
Orlando, FL

THEBLKLBL presents the wave – Teddy Cloudz

Teddy Cloudz explores human emotion and the experiences of love, relationships and struggle in his music across the backdrop of a global sound that fuses reggae, afrobeat and R&B. He embodies and presents world music to elevate, inspire and soothe the soul.


Born in Brooklyn, NY but raised in Orlando FL to Jamaican parents, Teddy Cloudz is a world music artist whose universal sound ranges from afrobeat and reggae to R&B and soul. Rooted in Jamaican culture with a love for R&B, Cloudz connects with the emotions and experiences of his listeners and seeks to lift and elevate. The singer-songwriter has been influenced from an early age by the diverse music from all genres being played and enjoyed in his household. This rich musical upbringing has led him to versatility in his style, allowing him to display deep lyrical ability and a love for different sounds.

Cloudz shares his music for the likes of listeners who appreciate reggae, afro beat and smooth R&B music. After successfully releasing singles such as “Potion”, “Come My Way” and “Waste My Time”, Teddy is stepping forward in his career with the debut of his new release, Troposphere, which promises to be a great treat for his fans. This 8-track EP explores the idea of love in a modern world, and follows the journey of young love, tough love and balancing emotions. From the suggestive “Don’t Hold Back” to love drifting apart in the mixed tempo of “Mixed Emotions” then learning how to control those emotions with the slowdown of “Calm”, his metaphorical stanzas will engage listeners while his melodic tone allows them to drift deep into their conscience and vibe.




Best Friend




Don’t Hold Back

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