1. Overture - Act I : War ft. Chamz [THEBLKLBL]
  2. Armageddon [Ciggie]
  3. Levitate [Jamal Wallace]
  4. The Truth ft. Black Mike [X1X]
  5. Interlude - Act II : Aftermath ft. Chamz [THEBLKLBL]
  6. Tower of Babel [Jamal Wallace]
  7. Perspective [Ciggie]
  8. Fork In The Road ft. The Prime Minister of Hip-Hop [X1X]
  9. Interlude - Act III : Triumph ft. Chamz [THEBLKLBL]
  10. Long Nights [Ciggie]
  11. Journey ft. X1X [Jamal Wallace]
  12. Finale ft. Chamz [THEBLKLBL]
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Release Date : April 15, 2015
Artists : Chamz, Ciggie, Jamal Wallace, THEBLKLBL, X1X
Catalog ref. : THEBLKLBL-018-LP-007
Format : Digital Download

OPVS is the debut worldwide release from THEBLKLBL, featuring label artists X1X, Ciggie, and Jamal Wallace. Packed with 12 soul-stirring tracks, OPVS plays as a three-part concert piece, tied together with singular orchestral thread and powerful lyrics that carry forth both substance and a level of artistry that is needed now more than ever in current musical landscape.