1. Gates of Babylon
  2. Pray To God
  3. Fade To Black
  4. Impressing ft. Cozy el Chulo
  5. Run It ft. Ayo Air
  6. Hoes ft. Quis Vandross
  7. Tower of Babil
  8. I Know ft. Cozy el Chulo
  9. Dishes
  10. Boasting ft. Flyy Money
  11. Okay ft. Quis Vandross
  12. Stupid
  13. Fake Love ft. DJV
  14. NIL
  15. Niggaz Ain't Shit ft. Mila
  16. Toast
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Just A Kid From Babylon

Release Date : March 29, 2019
Artist : Jamal Wallace
Catalog ref. : THEBLKLBL-018-LP-009
Format : Digital Download

Released in March 2019 by Jamal Wallace Just A Kid From Babylon is the Orlando-based rapper’s first full studio album, consisting of 16 diverse tracks.