The Black Label Leadership Team

We are the minds behind The Black Label. The team from which the idea of creating a smarter media company was birthed. We are devoted to crafting media experiences that take you to places unimagined.

James Tribue is The Black Label’s chief strategist. He’s the guy who wrestles with the lawyers and executives, negotiates the deals and dreams up the big ideas for the company and its artists. Part dreamer – part planner, he sees the opportunities and charts the path…..

Bryan Tribue is The Black Label’s artistic conscience. As a producer, songwriter, and performer, he is the creative force behind The Black Label. An artist to his core, he pushes our roster of artists to develop their sounds and challenges them to fulfill their potential as musicians.

Michael Bright is the sound behind The Black Label, crafting the musical backdrop for The Black Label artists and others. He is a talented musician, producer and engineer who brings a diverse range of styles and flawless technical ability into the creative process. He composes the music that moves us……

Jonathan Aleem is the facilitator – the distributor of The Black Label sound to the public. He is the architect of The Black Label’s sales and distribution network, pushing music to the stores, radio, and DJs. He enables the flow of our product to the masses……

Calvin Ellis Ivory is the evangelist – the brand strategist of The Black Label and our artists. He is the curator of our look and message, crafting the marketing and promotions strategies that showcase our artists. He creates the buzz that captures attention……