The Black Label Artists

We are building a talented roster of artists who are taking their craft to new heights. They are bold, defiant and unafraid to challenge the norm. Labels, genres and previous limitations don’t apply here. We are the new soundtrack.

Once every decade or so, a musician enters the public conscience and shifts the paradigm. XIX is such an artist, transcending genre and the constraints of the mainstream. Soul stirring and hard hitting……he is XIX.

Rebellious and irreverent yet thoughtful and introspective – this is the emotional tension that describes Jamal Wallace as a young man and an artist. Immensely talented and dope……he is Jamal Wallace.

A powerful truth-teller and street poet, Ciggie is a king. He embodies the realism, strength and hope of hip-hop. Inspirational and regal……he is Ciggie.

Equal parts aggression, street savvy, social consciousness and hardcore, banging music, they are more than just music…they are a movement.……they are DMPM.